Tea is Life.

Tea is my life.

and I’m not talking about the latest in gossip and whats none of anyones business.

Im talking that Pure Tea. Herbal Tea.

Life’s too short for bitter, flavorless food and drank.

I need flavor, spice, and an amazing aroma.

And not just a Lipton tea bag and a shit load of sugar.

What you will soon learn is that i turn everything…EVERYTHING into an experience.

What can i say, i try to appreciate the simple things.

Any who, how to properly enjoy your cup of tea …

  1. Get a mug that suites you. This is one of my current faves because its oversized and i love a generous serving of tea.


2. Choose herbal tea that you are in the mood for. These are some of my current favs.


3. Do not. I repeat do not be afraid to spice it up. Add a piece of fruit, maybe even a fresh mint sprig to your tea for added flavor. Raw Ginger root, lemon/orange slice are my favs.


4. Sweeten to your liking with sweetener of your choosing. I prefer raw honey.

5. Allow your tea to steep for about 4 minutes for full flavor potential.

Once my tea is ready i take quiet moments to myself before getting my day started and again in the evening after my meal. Curl up with a good book, zone out to some music or simply sit in silence for a moment.

Follow these basic steps for a nice cup of flavor filled herbal tea and please do share how you prefer to enjoy your tea.


Love, Peace, & Robust TeaBags,

Mohna Lyssaa