3 am: Mystique


Caught in a an endless cycle she misplaced herself…

And she only hoped for the day that someone would come across her missing essence and return it to her.

At a loss of where even to begin searching and not even realizing that rebuilding was an option she continued on…

The Bills.

The Kids.

The House.




He who wanted no parts of this abandoned the responsibilities.

And it was then that she began to lose herself in the cycle…

Fighting to maintain…

she became less of a priority.

And no one there to remind her of her significance to the universe. No one to nurture delicate nature of her as a woman.

’Til One day…

“Come on Kids lets go  before we’re late.” she yelled down the hall. “Im going to the mailbox and everyone has 2 minutes to meet me out at the car.”

She stepped out the door and noticed 2 roses on the windshield of her car.

“What in the world,” she whispered to herself as she looked left then right  down the street in bewilderment.

With the roses was an envelope tucked under one of the wiper blades.

“Ooooohhh, whats that mom? Who is that from?” asked one of the kids.

“Get in the car.” she replied

After dropping them off at school, she headed back home to fall back into her cycle, on her day off, of maintaining the household duties.

She took a seat on the couch and opened the envelope…

“ You Are Beautiful” 

Not sure whether to be frightened by the mystery of it all she surprisingly found herself to be more flattered than anything.

Its been a while since she felt that way so the feeling was a bit warming.

The next day…

As she was planted fresh flowers in her yard…

“Hi there care for some assistance?”

Slightly startled she looked up to see an attractive man, “Hey, no i think i can manage. But thank you though.”

“Ok. Well do you mind if i keep you company while you work?”

Amused, flattered, and confused all at once she smiled, “Sure.”

“My name is Austin.”


“You’re Beautiful Stacie.” he expressed, “ and something tells me its been a while since you’ve heard those words.”

Stacie stopped what she was doing feeling a since of sadness in the truth of his revelation and warmth from the kind words…

“Thank You. Is it safe to say you are responsible for the note and roses?”


Stacie walked over to him and stood about a foot away. “Are you stalking me?”

Austin let out a light laugh. “Not at all. Just an admirer that has taken notice of you. I live in the house across your back yard and i sit outside on my patio a lot and i just watch you tend to your yard. Tend to your kids. I watch you work hard, so focused that never once did see me in plain sight. I watched from afar enough to see that you could use some tenderness.”

Not sure what to say she stared at him searching for words…

what to say…

Im sorry if I’m making you uncomfortable, I just—-“

“ NO. No…your fine. Im just a little speechless, not really sure what to say.”

“Thats okay. I really just came to introduce myself and deliver the compliment. I do have to go but i will be back to see you again.”

Not sure what else to say, she replied, “Ok.”

Two days later….

Late into the night after the kids were long sleep, unable to sleep HE crossed her mind…

she threw on her robe and headed to the kitchen for a cup of tea and while she awaiting the kettle to whistle she walked to the patio door….

To glance across the yard…

At 3am…

*tea kettle whistled*

As she was preparing her tea…

There was a knock at the patio door.

She walked to the patio door and there HE was with a gorgeous smile on his face.

She embarrassingly smiled back and cracked the door…

“You were looking for me?”…

what was once lost has been found.

At 3am.

Mohna Lyssaa