What Are You Thankful For?


when you wake up in the morning what is the first thing that you do?

when was the last time you stopped to appreciate where you are and what what you have in life?

Understand my life is no where near where i want it to be, but each day i take time to connect with ‘The Powers that Be’ to give thanks and seek guidance on my path.

Start your day with appreciation for the little things that you do have and then ask yourself what is at least one thing i can do today to turn my life in the direction i desire?

And if you still struggle with seeing the value in your life i encourage you to be a light to someone else and you’ll be surprised how it becomes rewarding not just to that person but to you as well.

Know that The universe speaks to you everyday. You just got to pay attention and be open to the message.

Life is only as hard as you make it.

Mohna L.

3 am: Organized Chaos

Late night/Early Morning, i lie here with something i read earlier in the day stuck heavy on my mind…

“How to Become a Morning Person”

This is significant to me as i know in order to live the life i desire  i must speak it into existence. I must reprogram to start my day when needed and not just when i want to. I am not a morning person by a long shot but i know in order to obtain my many fires and desires within i must change up my routine…or more so create one.

This new journey both excites and scares me because i know it its a fool proof pink print to my ultimate happiness.

Not understanding the big deal?..

I often tell myself “i don’t have time to do my makeup.” “I don’t have time to write.” “Im too tired to work out after working a long day.” “i don’t have the time/energy to do…etc.”




I see the memes. I know the sayings…. “We all have the same 24 hours.” “Cant sleep your life away.” All very true.

I Believe in myself so much i am dedicating to a complete LIFE makeover.

Take the necessary steps to fix what you don’t like and watch ‘The Powers that BE’ meet you half way with blessings beyond what you imagined.

Join me in this Journey of Organized Chaos.


Mohna L.


Growing up I was very much so a tomboy. ever so often I would tap into my girly side but for the most part I just felt to overwhelmed with trying to find out what my style was. Mostly I wore t-shirts and jeans or even oversized shirts. Didn’t really care too much for my body either so a lot of the time I was trying to cover it by wearing baggy clothes or sweaters. As I got older I found myself wanting to get more into fashion and makeup and all that good stuff but it wasn’t until maybe the past 4 years that I really started to grow in the style realm. It first started with a shoe obsession and now it has grown into clothes and cosmetics. Its funny because my daughter is quite the girly girl and knows early on what she does and does not like…for instance, she doesn’t really care for jeans unless they are skinny jeans, she loves leggings, and would wear a dress or skirt every single day if I let her. The winter time is almost a battle every morning when it comes to getting dressed. But anywho, one thing that I started to do was pay more attention to others whether celebrities celebrities or a stranger on the street for stylspiration. One of my very first Fashion Idols was Tracee Ellis Ross as Joan Clayton on Girlfriends.  OH MY GAWD!!! SHE IS A FASHION GOD TO ME! Even outside of her character on the show she is just amazing with clothes and I… just… want to be like her when I grow up…



Angela Simmons had me  a little worried in the beginning but overtime she kind grew on me. I am really feeling her in the fashion realm as well right now…First picture is one of those questionable ensembles I was talking about….

Angela Simmons was seen arriving at Urth Cafe on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, CAangela3angela1angela2angela4

This Hair is Everything….





These ladies have helped guide me and taught me how to think outside of the box. That clothes don’t always have to be matchy matchy. Bright Colors and patterns are to be played with and experimented with. And most importantly , confidence in yourself makes the 0utfit work.

I wanna hear from you. Who gives you STYLINSPIRATION?????