Ear Hustle

I find myself listening to a lot of artists that aren’t really getting rotation on the radio (at least where Im at) more and more. Each week I am going to try and share with you some of the tunes I have on repeat. Some are more mainstream…and some are not.

This week we have the ever so charming Azealia Banks. When she first started getting buzz off of her 212 track I was kinda feeling like Ms. Erykah Badu, “shit I tried.” And her attitude and frequent rants really was turning me off about her as a person and that alone was diminishing my interest in even giving her music a chance. Recently, I decided to give her another try with her Broke With Expensive Taste album being dubbed the best album of the year or something to that effect. Well, let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed the album and after listening to it all I kept thinking was that she is proof that there can be success in creating a lane of your own within a completely different subgroup of hip hop. In a time where hip hop and R&B are basically the same and no longer 2 separate genres, in my opinion, and everyone on the radio for the most part sounds the same, it is refreshing to hear another, unique sound within Hip Hop. I find myself digging the Electronic Hip Hop/R&B sound more and more. Dawn Richards I am also a fan of and her sound is very much in the Electronic R&B subgroup.




SZA is another one that I love. I dig her style and her music. She and Isaiah Rashad  associated with TDE, (who housed Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, and Ab Soul) frequent my playlist.




This Australian Gem by the name Janine and the Mixtape is a producer and Artist and she too frequents my playlist.