3am: Moment of Weakness


He grabs her and pulls her close. “Damn, baby. You smell good.”

She thanks him with her eyes.

“With a stroked ego, “do you like what you see?”

She nods and whispers, “I do.”

The attraction is undeniable. The The tension is thick. But she not trying to go out like that. Its time to go about things differently. But damn, its been so too long since she felt like this.

“Do you mind giving me a back rub?” he asks

This is a muthaf***n setup. “Sure, the oil is in the next room. you mind grabbing it?”

“Not at all.” “So what do you like to do?”

As she’s rubbing his back, “Lots of things. I’m a earthy girl. I love being out side. Exploring my surroundings. I love live music shows. Museums. Art. Photography. Traveling.”

“You’re really good at this. Imma start coming to you from now on.”

“Anytime, love.”

He turns onto his back.

They stare eye to eye.

“Where’s your valentine?”

“I dont have one”, she replies

“Yea, you do. Im right here.” and kisses her hand.

After a moment of silence.

“Just say it.”

“Say what?” she replies

‘Whatever it is that you’re thinking.”

He pulls her close…lips not quite touching but close enough to feel each others breath…

“will you be my baby?”

  • she isn’t confident in his sincerity but damn, this feeling….

and responds, “yes.”

Lips touch.

Shirt hits the floor.

Bra removed.

She can’t go out like this…we barely even know anything about each other.

“Let me up…please.”

“Baby just relax,” as he kisses her again and pushes her back onto the couch.

“she kisses back.” melting into him. Wanting to follow his order but…


“was this your intention coming here?”

He responds, “No, baby”

“i rather get to know you a little better before we go there.”

“whether we do this now or later isn’t going to change us going on dates.”

the next day…

She sits at work. Unable to concentrate. With the feel of him stuck on her like glue.  Not wanting the wrong impression to be made of her  and trying to be righteous but this burning desire to let her hair down and just live in the moment … and the heat from the previous night imbedded refusing to settle down , whispered in her ear, “stop overthinking it and just do it.…

she texts him… good morning

he responds….  good morning

she texts him… you mind coming back so i can finish your massage? …

he responds… really?

she text… yes. this feeling is intense and i need you to fix this..

he responds… fix? elaborate?

Starting to feel foolish and not knowing how to gage the response she texts… never mind. Just disregard what i said. Im just having a moment of weakness.

he responds after a long delay…. whatever. when you want it?

she texts… now.

to be continued…

A Dollar & A Dream


A week and a day later.

So a couple of years ago I got this bright idea to start an entertainment company and i didn’t sit on the idea very long before diving in head first. No seriously, like a month or two after forming this thought with no convincing needed I began sharing my new venture with loved ones and was already in the midst of licensing TWO companies with an acquired partner in tow for one of them.

Now I know what you’re thinking. TWO?! Recipe for disaster…

What can I say, i like to live dangerously.

Now this world is brand spanking new to me and i am learning as i go through lots and lots of trial and error and extensive reading research.

Because i want this to be a success and not being above education, I attended the Rico Love Music Conference with an open mind ready to take in all that was available for me to absorb.

Day 1 was an ordeal which actually started the day before but because we (the partner and I) were determined to get there, we arrived 2 hours late (fuck you Safari Maps) with notepads and ears perked up as if we been there the whole time taking in the stories and guided advice.

Day 2 was amazing.

the beautiful thing about it was that there weren’t only aspiring musicians, mangers, writers, and track masters there. You had potential A&R’s and other startups. Gospel artist. People from the UK, California, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Chicago, DMV, Georgia, & Canada just to name a few.

That day has been playing in the background of my mind since i left.

There are a lot of things that i want to do.




I am not a singer. I am not a rapper. I created the companies with the intent to create a platform for women to navigate this tough male dominated industry. I want to see multiple female MC’s at the top simultaneously. I want to be instrumental in making this happen amongst many other things. I want to write films. I want to see if i can be any good at producing a track. I want to know if i can switch my story telling skills into writing a song. I love to paint pictures with words and unique images.

And I also want to share this space with others  looking to define themselves artistically.

Quite ambitious.

I know.

like i said, i live dangerously.

To say i was elated when Rico Love spoke on the difficulty of women breaking through the entertainment industry is downplaying my heart.

The fact that he stressed repeatedly to the guys that ‘this is not a dating service. This is not Tinder.’ Heavily promoting this as a safe space took the respect that I already had for him as an artist to the stratosphere as Rico Love the Man.

It also further drove home why I even started doing this in the first place and why its so important for me to continue with what i am building.

From the networking segment to Rico Love & Bryan Michael Cox talking on

Women in Music


“Only choose purpose driven friends.”


“There’s value in compromise.”


Writing styles to study

Reflecting on the ideas to develop

& Close Ones perception of you as you grow through changes.

“Be prepared for the fallout”

I took from all of that an outline on what to build on in the next 365 so WHEN i return next year there will be visible growth.

Im not too bothered by my lack of preparedness this time because like i said I’m learning as i grow. i went with an open mind ready to take in whatever knowledgable guidance was at my disposal.

Until next time, every morning i will continue to tell myself,




Tea is Life.

Tea is my life.

and I’m not talking about the latest in gossip and whats none of anyones business.

Im talking that Pure Tea. Herbal Tea.

Life’s too short for bitter, flavorless food and drank.

I need flavor, spice, and an amazing aroma.

And not just a Lipton tea bag and a shit load of sugar.

What you will soon learn is that i turn everything…EVERYTHING into an experience.

What can i say, i try to appreciate the simple things.

Any who, how to properly enjoy your cup of tea …

  1. Get a mug that suites you. This is one of my current faves because its oversized and i love a generous serving of tea.


2. Choose herbal tea that you are in the mood for. These are some of my current favs.


3. Do not. I repeat do not be afraid to spice it up. Add a piece of fruit, maybe even a fresh mint sprig to your tea for added flavor. Raw Ginger root, lemon/orange slice are my favs.


4. Sweeten to your liking with sweetener of your choosing. I prefer raw honey.

5. Allow your tea to steep for about 4 minutes for full flavor potential.

Once my tea is ready i take quiet moments to myself before getting my day started and again in the evening after my meal. Curl up with a good book, zone out to some music or simply sit in silence for a moment.

Follow these basic steps for a nice cup of flavor filled herbal tea and please do share how you prefer to enjoy your tea.


Love, Peace, & Robust TeaBags,

Mohna Lyssaa

REAL Eyes Realize REAL Lies

Reality TV ya’ll,

I remember when COPS and The Real World were the only sources of reality on the air then all of a sudden once the year 1999-2000 hit so did an explosion of “reality” tv. Now I think….well hope, that by now we all can agree that as much as they like to promote these reality shows, as we know them today, as unscripted and unmanipulated is just simply not true.

I just have some questions….

– how much of it is actually their reality?

– how far did the storylines stray from what was actually pitched to these networks?

-Is this really just another way of branding yourself quickly and if you are depicted in a negative light and that is not exactly who you are in real life how hard is it to change your image?

-I mean really who the hell walks around in 6″ heels every damn day, face fully made up and just oh so fabulous all the time.?

-Does it really put strain on relationships and cause breakups and divorces (i.e. Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey, Deon and Pilar Sanders, Kordell and Porsha Stewart)  

Clearly this is a new form of branding oneself and I had to really ask myself If I were given the opportunity would I do a reality show? Many people that the world has little to no knowledge of are partaking in realty tv to gain vast exposure but after its said and done is it worth it? I am upstarting something that is entertainment related and while contemplating all avenues for exposure, a reality show was one thought. But….how do you make it work without all the added drama? I would want something more career focused than highlighting my “personal” life.

Remember Making The Band? OR How about Dame Dash’s Ultimate Hustler? Those were more so the kind reality shows I enjoyed.  Now while RHOA, Basketball Wives, and  Love and Hip Hop are quite entertaining…..the formula gets kinda old. You know the drink throwing hair pulling, fights and arguments in public places and at sponsored events, lunch and dinner with your enemy afterwards to talk it out—–seriously , if we just got into it —IM NOT MEETING YOU ANYWHERE .

Remember these fellas below: Kesan from G’s to Gents was one of the cast on G’s to Gents and the other guy cant remember his name from College Hill? Well, I remember seeing him on Pimp MY Ride. So, seriously, if nothing else just watch for entertainment and not an actual insight into their actual personal lives.

kesan     collegehill

When I saw the previews for The Gossip Game I was intrigued about learning more on the women in the entertainment journalism game but after watching the first episode I was kinda disappointed. They didn’t waste no time on just the first episode getting knee deep into “the formula.” So as much as I wanted to see more about their individual hustles I don’t think that’s going to too much happen. Once again the drama will get in the way of that. 

What are some of your reality show Favs? And if given the opportunity to partake in a reality show would you? Why or Why not?