Stylspiration: BET Awards 2016

This years award show definitely had its high moments and its lows but the one thing that consistently captured my attention through out this 3 hour & 45 minute show….were the varying ensembles.

I didn’t too much get to catch the red carpet fits due to being preoccupied with grilling sunday dinner but by the time the actual show was set to begin I took my place on the couch and took in all that BET had to offer.

Before I get into the clothes, let me just say…

1. BEYONCE…simply iconic and paired with Kendrick was an awesome opening performance.

2. JESSE WILLIAMS was the real MVP of the night with that beyond inspiring heartfelt acceptance speech.

3. BILAL….Boy, where you been???

Now as I am continuing on this journey of learning my personal taste and developing my style these are some of the looks or pieces from looks last night that caught my eye…

photo courtesy of Twitter

I really like Karreuche Tran and I am happy to see her successfully creating an identity for herself outside of Chris Brown. Folks love to put you in a box and keep you there but she is certainly making a name for herself. Beautiful as always.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

This red jacket JD got on is fly. I can easily see it being a unisex piece. What would you pair it with?

Photo courtesy of Twitter

This bomber jacket Alicia Keys wore was dope to me. Clearly I have a thing for the color red and jackets.

Also let me just say I too was one of the many that started falling out of love with Alicia’s music for a while but with this “In Common” record and her perform last night Im falling back in like with her music. Sometimes people can be so hyper critical of artists and quick to criticize before even trying to appreciate the art.

Photo courtesy of Google

Tori Kelly and these purple pants are quite adorable but i can’t help but to think not everyone would be able to pull this off.

Photo Courtesy of Google
Photo Courtesy of Google

“Nothing can stop me I’m all the way up!!!” Mrs. Reminisce, herself is always on point these days.

“She’s your Queen to Be….” Gabby is so NUBIAN.

Photo courtesy of Twitter 

I have a whole new respect for Taraji. She has come a long way as an actress since the Baby Boy days… don’t misread this as shade…Im simply acknowledging her growth within the industry. This a bit of a popular look last night too. The sheer skirt, dress look is clearly trending.

Ms. Janelle Monae can do no wrong in my eyes. Even if she did recreate the assless chaps.

Flawless. Beautiful.

What were some of your favorite looks of the night? Do you think you would be bold enough to rock any of the above mentioned?

Mohna Lyssaa



Various thoughts & discoveries on my 31st birthday…

Today is my second year being a thirty something and I experienced this birthday with a greater calmness than the last. Last year I became riddled with anxiety and disappointment after feeling as if I had failed to accomplish any real substantial life goals. With another 365 under my belt, most of those goals are STILL not accomplished but i have grown to understand and accept that as long as I continue to work towards meeting them with genuine effort that is all that matters.

Today i share a birthday with Denzel Washington, Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek), Gayle King (Oprah’s homegirl), John Legend, Joe Manganiello (True Blood), & Miles Brown (youngest son on Blackish).

Putting a quality business together is hard as F-U-C-K…that is all.

Lose all inhibitions.

Its time to do some adult things like open myself up to a love like Tracy “Mahogany” Chambers & Brian Walker. I think I have grown too comfortable with being by myself.

As with all past years I look forward to the start of a new year…which simply symbolizes a fresh beginning, but if i can be honest, I began working on 2016 goals some time ago.

Goals on Goals on Goals.

MOHNA LYSSAA & REDLIPSTICK will be properly introduced in the 2016 year.

new friends. new energy. positive vibes.

I’m ready to move…seriously.

I want to go to Harpo’s and hear Shug Avery sing.

I love and value my Black people that are constantly made to feel inadequate even by other ethnic groups that are only one historic horror away from being treated the same as us.

Happy Birthday Beautiful and please please please continue to catwalk in love and light. Your destiny awaits you…its simply up to you on how long it takes you to get there. Just make sure you remain honest and dignified along the way.


Melissa/Mohna Lyssaa

Stylspiration: Part Trois


Stylspiration at its finest. Here are various styles that caught my eye while flipping  through magazines and whatnot.20131012-211410.jpg

This necklace in the photo to the right is absolutely stunning———>>>>

The jumpsuit RiRi is rocking oh so effortlessly , Nicole Ritchie strutting in velvet , and the model is rocking a comfy sweater dress below…

And please don’t overlook the long side braid in the illustration below and in the photo to the right ——–>>>


Nicole Richie is really inspiring me these days…



50 Shades of Gray….

There once was a time when having Gray hair was something that was avoided at all cost, but now……many are going GRAY by CHOICE. Can you believe it! When I first took note of this trend I was a little on the fence about it but suprisingly I am actually liking it. Now that doesnt mean I am going to run out tomorrow and dye my tresses gray but I am open to the idea at some point down the line, maybe. Just a few tips….

If you in fact decide you want to dabble with gray color make sure it is fitting to your skin tone and face. Not everyone can go full on gray nor can everyone where a light gray. I remember discovering “Gorgeous in Grey” the beauty/blogger whose hair is naturally gray and fell in love with her gorgeous tresses. Check out some of the photos below and share your thoughts. What do you think of the trend? Do you ever see yourself rocking this new look?


Gorgeous in Grey rocking her naturally Grey tresses


Kelis: I admire her uniqueness


Rhianna: I love this sutle blend of grey. Its not over powering.

Logo's "NewNowNext Awards 2010" -  Arrivals

Kelly Osbourne: Loving the way she styled her grey tresses


Nicole Richie: She chose a vibrant grey borderline white. NOT everyone can pull this off but she wears it well.


Lady Gaga Gaga

Peace and Love,

Mohna Lyssaa

Stylspiration: GQ Style

Alright Fellas, I cant forget about ya’ll. Now since I am not a man I cant say what kind of style men to go for but what I intend to do here is give some Stylspiration to the fella’s that may need some help in revamping their closet and not sure where to start. This is also to give some inspiration to those that may not have even considered wearing anything other than a tee and jeans and dressing up is just simply throwin’ on some slacks and a button up. These styles below are just simply looks I found to be attractive on a man. Every month I will try to post different looks for different sizes, whether you are slender, muscular, heavyset, etc….Hope you enjoy and please do leave a comment below letting me know who gives you stylspiration. And ladies, please comment and let me know what you like to see a man in. What look is a turn on for you?



Growing up I was very much so a tomboy. ever so often I would tap into my girly side but for the most part I just felt to overwhelmed with trying to find out what my style was. Mostly I wore t-shirts and jeans or even oversized shirts. Didn’t really care too much for my body either so a lot of the time I was trying to cover it by wearing baggy clothes or sweaters. As I got older I found myself wanting to get more into fashion and makeup and all that good stuff but it wasn’t until maybe the past 4 years that I really started to grow in the style realm. It first started with a shoe obsession and now it has grown into clothes and cosmetics. Its funny because my daughter is quite the girly girl and knows early on what she does and does not like…for instance, she doesn’t really care for jeans unless they are skinny jeans, she loves leggings, and would wear a dress or skirt every single day if I let her. The winter time is almost a battle every morning when it comes to getting dressed. But anywho, one thing that I started to do was pay more attention to others whether celebrities celebrities or a stranger on the street for stylspiration. One of my very first Fashion Idols was Tracee Ellis Ross as Joan Clayton on Girlfriends.  OH MY GAWD!!! SHE IS A FASHION GOD TO ME! Even outside of her character on the show she is just amazing with clothes and I… just… want to be like her when I grow up…



Angela Simmons had me  a little worried in the beginning but overtime she kind grew on me. I am really feeling her in the fashion realm as well right now…First picture is one of those questionable ensembles I was talking about….

Angela Simmons was seen arriving at Urth Cafe on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, CAangela3angela1angela2angela4

This Hair is Everything….





These ladies have helped guide me and taught me how to think outside of the box. That clothes don’t always have to be matchy matchy. Bright Colors and patterns are to be played with and experimented with. And most importantly , confidence in yourself makes the 0utfit work.

I wanna hear from you. Who gives you STYLINSPIRATION?????