A Dollar & A Dream


A week and a day later.

So a couple of years ago I got this bright idea to start an entertainment company and i didn’t sit on the idea very long before diving in head first. No seriously, like a month or two after forming this thought with no convincing needed I began sharing my new venture with loved ones and was already in the midst of licensing TWO companies with an acquired partner in tow for one of them.

Now I know what you’re thinking. TWO?! Recipe for disaster…

What can I say, i like to live dangerously.

Now this world is brand spanking new to me and i am learning as i go through lots and lots of trial and error and extensive reading research.

Because i want this to be a success and not being above education, I attended the Rico Love Music Conference with an open mind ready to take in all that was available for me to absorb.

Day 1 was an ordeal which actually started the day before but because we (the partner and I) were determined to get there, we arrived 2 hours late (fuck you Safari Maps) with notepads and ears perked up as if we been there the whole time taking in the stories and guided advice.

Day 2 was amazing.

the beautiful thing about it was that there weren’t only aspiring musicians, mangers, writers, and track masters there. You had potential A&R’s and other startups. Gospel artist. People from the UK, California, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Chicago, DMV, Georgia, & Canada just to name a few.

That day has been playing in the background of my mind since i left.

There are a lot of things that i want to do.




I am not a singer. I am not a rapper. I created the companies with the intent to create a platform for women to navigate this tough male dominated industry. I want to see multiple female MC’s at the top simultaneously. I want to be instrumental in making this happen amongst many other things. I want to write films. I want to see if i can be any good at producing a track. I want to know if i can switch my story telling skills into writing a song. I love to paint pictures with words and unique images.

And I also want to share this space with others  looking to define themselves artistically.

Quite ambitious.

I know.

like i said, i live dangerously.

To say i was elated when Rico Love spoke on the difficulty of women breaking through the entertainment industry is downplaying my heart.

The fact that he stressed repeatedly to the guys that ‘this is not a dating service. This is not Tinder.’ Heavily promoting this as a safe space took the respect that I already had for him as an artist to the stratosphere as Rico Love the Man.

It also further drove home why I even started doing this in the first place and why its so important for me to continue with what i am building.

From the networking segment to Rico Love & Bryan Michael Cox talking on

Women in Music


“Only choose purpose driven friends.”


“There’s value in compromise.”


Writing styles to study

Reflecting on the ideas to develop

& Close Ones perception of you as you grow through changes.

“Be prepared for the fallout”

I took from all of that an outline on what to build on in the next 365 so WHEN i return next year there will be visible growth.

Im not too bothered by my lack of preparedness this time because like i said I’m learning as i grow. i went with an open mind ready to take in whatever knowledgable guidance was at my disposal.

Until next time, every morning i will continue to tell myself,


Ear Hustle

I find myself listening to a lot of artists that aren’t really getting rotation on the radio (at least where Im at) more and more. Each week I am going to try and share with you some of the tunes I have on repeat. Some are more mainstream…and some are not.

This week we have the ever so charming Azealia Banks. When she first started getting buzz off of her 212 track I was kinda feeling like Ms. Erykah Badu, “shit I tried.” And her attitude and frequent rants really was turning me off about her as a person and that alone was diminishing my interest in even giving her music a chance. Recently, I decided to give her another try with her Broke With Expensive Taste album being dubbed the best album of the year or something to that effect. Well, let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed the album and after listening to it all I kept thinking was that she is proof that there can be success in creating a lane of your own within a completely different subgroup of hip hop. In a time where hip hop and R&B are basically the same and no longer 2 separate genres, in my opinion, and everyone on the radio for the most part sounds the same, it is refreshing to hear another, unique sound within Hip Hop. I find myself digging the Electronic Hip Hop/R&B sound more and more. Dawn Richards I am also a fan of and her sound is very much in the Electronic R&B subgroup.




SZA is another one that I love. I dig her style and her music. She and Isaiah Rashad  associated with TDE, (who housed Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, and Ab Soul) frequent my playlist.




This Australian Gem by the name Janine and the Mixtape is a producer and Artist and she too frequents my playlist.




‘Who You Callin’ a Bitch..”

This song right here was posted on a past Throwback Thursday and I felt the need to repost it…Not just because it’s a classic but because it gives me such a sense of nostalgia. It represents well….U. N. I. T. Y. At this point in time in Rap/ Hip Hop there were many fly ass women representing and giving us Ladies that variety AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!! You had MC LYTE, QUEEN LATIFAH, YO-YO, QUEEN PEN, LADY OF RAGE, LIL KIM, FOXXY BROWN, NONCHALANT (ya’ll remember that song 5’o clock), SUGA T., MIA X,  LAURYN HILL, EVE, CHARLI BALTIMORE and GANGSTA BOO just to name a few. I want this back….and since I’m not one to wait on something to happen, well…. Anyway, there is a lot of underground talent and I just would love for them to get some of that mainstream love and support they deserve. I think there are a lot of US out there that desire the same and in due time it will happen but I cant sit back and do nothing, I have to be a contribution in making this happen… Anywhoo, please feel free to share with me one of your favorite throwback female MC’s or perhaps add to the list above….

Mohna Lyssaa


Every year I find that I become bolder and bolder in the things I want to partake in. Every new year I get ecstatic with what is to come throughout the new year. This 2014 year in particular I look forward to really getting into some amazing projects and adventures that will require me to really step outside of myself and lose all inhibitions. Over the past year and a half I have done an extensive amount of research, planning, and prepping and FINALLY ,  I am ready for implementation. That is my theme for 2014. IMPLEMENTATION!!!!! I mean, whats the point in talking about it and planning if you dont plan on doing anything with it???? Anywhoo, I have composed an ART COCKTAIL of things that I plan on engaging in this year. I love ART in allllllll forms and I’m tired of fantasizing and daydreaming about these things. 

Here is my ART COCKTAIL of things that I have been working on and finally ready to start on, and other things I have always had a love for but never imagined myself doing due to being too timid. Now don’t get it twisted I am still a work in progress as far as being soically outgoing but with this blog and all of my new adventures I will be embarking on I am on the road to being the most socially confident being ever…



a Docu-series and Dramedy which is slated to begin this summer. I am so excited about this and actually cant wait to start on this project.


I have always had a love for poetry but found myself often times intimidated with writing it. I am going to step out and just write and if I get good enough maybe by the end of the year perform it.

I have talked about writing a book for years. Since this is my year of implementation, I am going to write a book this year.


I never had thoughts of being an actor until recently. I am interested in knowing if with the right training am I capable of being a fairly decent actress. This year I am to take some acting classes to test the waters.


I have a production company I have started with a couple of partners and it includes music as well as films, etc. This year is about getting some music out.


Hopefully this summer, the t-shirt line with some accessories will be available to the public.


I would like to actually learn A hustle (Don’t judge me). No, i dont know a single hustle. I want to also get into working with a choreographer and learning some dance routines.

I sooooo look forward to this year.I am truly stepping outside out and getting into some things I have NEVER even expressed having an interest in.  I have so many things lined up and I just cant wait to share these projects with you as they develop.

I hope all of you have a prosperous and positive 2014! Anything that you have in your mind that you want to do. JUST DO IT!! Stop talking yourself out of it and at least just try.

—-With Love,

                                                                                                                                                                     Mohna Lyssaa

Women in Music: Eve

I have heard a lot of feelings about Eve’s She Bad Bad and today I finally took a listen to it. I don’t think it’s bad at all. I have always liked Eve’s music and I’m glad that she is getting back to it  via her own independent label, From The Rib Music (FTR). She Bad Bad is definitely different but I like different. I admire her and any other artist that steps outside the box. Too many times, people become very critical and want to box you into a particular sound and that’s not good for the artist or the listeners. Why? Because, just like we are experiencing in this present time everybody sounds the same. Music evolves. People evolve. Life happens. I hope she wasn’t expected to have the same sound as from the Ruff Ryder days because that would be….well, ridiculous. I like the new sound. I have not yet picked up the album, Lip Lock but after I do so I may give a more in depth review of the album.

To Rep your city or NOT to Rep your City….

Detroit Financial District viewed from the Int...
Detroit Financial District viewed from the International Riverfront. David Stott Building stands in the distance in the middle looking down Griswold St. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok, So check it…

Danny Brown, an mc from Detroit, recently interviewed with HipHopDX  and expressed how he’s not repping the City and more so focused on getting up out of there. If you haven’t read the article yet you can check it out here—->Danny Brown distancing himself from Detroit’s Issues.

If you are unfamiliar with who Danny Brown is you can also check out one of the videos below. Me personally, I feel where he is coming from. Detroit, I do believe is just as bad as Cleveland, Chicago, Baltimore, Memphis, and the other troubled cities in the U.S. but for whatever reason Detroit is often times pegged as the most horrendous place as if no other city in the U.S. share these same issues. I have heard those close to me and distant from me bash Detroit but turn a blind eye to the crime and shady political dealings going on within their own home towns. Not cool.

So is there some kind of unwritten rule that says you MUST as an MC rep your city ’til the day you die? What if your hometown and the people in it did little to nothing to contribute to your success? What about all the critics that put more effort into pulling you down than building you up? Do you still rep your city then?  As a current resident of Southfield (Detroit is across the street from me) I have been trying to get out of this city since I was a teen. I have a always felt different from everyone else and after going away to college and moving back to the city I realize that I had outgrown my surroundings. One thing I just don’t understand is why natives take it so personal and resort to a ” FUCK YOU”  type attitude once someone gets opportunities to do bigger and better and move out. I heard the same thing with Big Sean. I just don’t get it. So I ask you do you rep your city anyway or move on somewhere where you can be around more like minded people?

Now Detroit can be both beautiful and hideous depending on the neighborhood and I do feel that there are several talented people with an immense amount of potential but the resources and opportunities are just not present. I absolutely love what Dan Gilbert with the help of Magic Johnson is doing to help build the city back up but I do feel that it will take some time for it to really show in other areas other than just downtown Detroit. If you are in the dark with what Dan Gilbert is doing then please check out the videos below.

I will be more comfortable elsewhere not because I hate the city but I reached my limit here and there is absolutely nothing wrong with acknowledging that you can accomplish more elsewhere. I don’t view it as putting oneself on a pedestal and that may be what many perceive it to be when someone fails to rep Detroit.  I would love to contribute to giving back to Detroit, particularly the youth and those that want more for themselves but that takes money to make resources available. I am particle to this city because it is my hometown and I am familiar with this struggle but do I owe this city anything? No! Whatever I choose to do is because I want to and I want to see my people do better and be better. I have big plans for myself and in order for them to become a reality it will require me to relocate and surround myself with like minded people and I just hope one day Detroit can be that place again that people migrate to for opportunities.

Thoughts, comments, questions, suggestions…please leave them below

Do you agree with Danny Brown?

With Love,

Mohna Lyssaa