3am: Moment of Weakness


He grabs her and pulls her close. “Damn, baby. You smell good.”

She thanks him with her eyes.

“With a stroked ego, “do you like what you see?”

She nods and whispers, “I do.”

The attraction is undeniable. The The tension is thick. But she not trying to go out like that. Its time to go about things differently. But damn, its been so too long since she felt like this.

“Do you mind giving me a back rub?” he asks

This is a muthaf***n setup. “Sure, the oil is in the next room. you mind grabbing it?”

“Not at all.” “So what do you like to do?”

As she’s rubbing his back, “Lots of things. I’m a earthy girl. I love being out side. Exploring my surroundings. I love live music shows. Museums. Art. Photography. Traveling.”

“You’re really good at this. Imma start coming to you from now on.”

“Anytime, love.”

He turns onto his back.

They stare eye to eye.

“Where’s your valentine?”

“I dont have one”, she replies

“Yea, you do. Im right here.” and kisses her hand.

After a moment of silence.

“Just say it.”

“Say what?” she replies

‘Whatever it is that you’re thinking.”

He pulls her close…lips not quite touching but close enough to feel each others breath…

“will you be my baby?”

  • she isn’t confident in his sincerity but damn, this feeling….

and responds, “yes.”

Lips touch.

Shirt hits the floor.

Bra removed.

She can’t go out like this…we barely even know anything about each other.

“Let me up…please.”

“Baby just relax,” as he kisses her again and pushes her back onto the couch.

“she kisses back.” melting into him. Wanting to follow his order but…


“was this your intention coming here?”

He responds, “No, baby”

“i rather get to know you a little better before we go there.”

“whether we do this now or later isn’t going to change us going on dates.”

the next day…

She sits at work. Unable to concentrate. With the feel of him stuck on her like glue.  Not wanting the wrong impression to be made of her  and trying to be righteous but this burning desire to let her hair down and just live in the moment … and the heat from the previous night imbedded refusing to settle down , whispered in her ear, “stop overthinking it and just do it.…

she texts him… good morning

he responds….  good morning

she texts him… you mind coming back so i can finish your massage? …

he responds… really?

she text… yes. this feeling is intense and i need you to fix this..

he responds… fix? elaborate?

Starting to feel foolish and not knowing how to gage the response she texts… never mind. Just disregard what i said. Im just having a moment of weakness.

he responds after a long delay…. whatever. when you want it?

she texts… now.

to be continued…

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