Donald’s Daughter: He Gave Me Balance




Many of my friends, associates, and/or people that I have crossed paths with in this life have come from single parent homes. And not only is the father absent from the home….he is absent from their lives.

A woman cannot create life without a man. A man cannot create life without a woman. If it takes both to bring this human life into existence…why do so many falter and fail to understand that both are essential in guiding this child into an adult?

I was blessed to have both parents in the home and my father wasn’t just someone who was there…he was very active in my brother and I’s lives. Even to this day he makes sure we have what we need within the limits that he can provide and just like my mother he is ALWAYS encouraging and uplifting. Being around my dad is my safe place. Whenever I am distraught, unsettled, and just simply needing a refresh….I go home. Where I am always welcome.


Going through my puberty stage was a bitch…let me tell you. I was in the process of trying to figure myself out, hormones all over the place, and crying for no other reason than my hormones forcing me to do so…through this my dad didn’t understand it and I believed he expected me to be able to control it. With me being the first born and him never dealing with puberty before as a parent….it was 3 to 4 years of misunderstandings. Nonetheless, I am happy he cared enough about me to pester me throughout my puberty years in trying to understand me and take extra steps to bond with me.

My daddy is very special to me. Throughout my childhood I have watched him work his ass off to make sure his family is taken care of. He has protected his family from toxic people and situations. He has taken his family on trips. Every morning he would do my hair (until i got old enough to do it myself) and take me and my brother to school. I watched him treat my mother with love and affection and that was my first teacher in how a woman is to be treated and how a relationship/marriage is suppose to be.

There are many  things I have learned from my daddy. Just like my mother he too is kind, supportive, charismatic, and silly.  But the best and most important thing he has done for me is be present in my life and creating balance. I love you and I thank you everyday.

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!!!




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