The best TV time was as a child waking up on a Saturday morning watching cartoons and eating bowls of cereal. There was not a care in the world. As we got older we graduated from cartoons to quality sitcoms like The Cosby Show, A Different World, Boy Meets World, Family Matters, Sister; Sister,  Living Single, and Martin just to name a few. Now its “reality” EVERYTHING. You know the scripted unscripted shows much to so about nothing of substance. I grow tired of watching tv sometimes and  then one day…..I’d say sometime last summer I stumbled upon Issa Rae’s “Misadventures of An Awkward Black Girl.” From there I dove into a whole new world of programming. WEB SERIES. I now spend more days watching these series on YouTube and browse through or I like the originality of these shows. The are refreshing and a switch up from major network television. They are a lot more relatable and its amazing how many independent production companies there are. I get a rush when watching them… and that is because I get inspired. They give me energy and while I spend time writing my own I will be sharing with you some of the ones that I particularly enjoyed….

This is Smoke and Mirrors by Christmasinjuly1982 Productions

Description in Bio about series:

Too often in love, people are not straight shooters. Enough of the time people don’t simply lay their cards on the table and let the other make an educated decision. With no “carfax” you are left to take people based on what’s in front of you but that’s not always their real selves. It’s an optical illusion. “Smoke and Mirrors” is a humorous look at the life of newly single, filmmaker Sonny”Dixon” Richard, who must reacclimate himself to the complexities of male and female relationships, just when he thought he had it all figured out.

I think the fellas will enjoy this one. I encourage you to at least watch one episode and I am almost sure you will be interested in watching the rest…

This is The Method of Love by a production company based out of the UK. The pilot premiered on Valentine’s Day and there hasn’t been any new episodes to follow up yet but I am eagerly anticipating more from this series. I think this is one the fellas will enjoy just as much as the ladies. Check the website periodically for more  and for the full synopsis of the series at

This is one of my absolute favorites. Rommieloverfriends by Issa Rae Productions and Black&SexyTV. Two of my favorites have come together to produce this series.

Description in Bio about series:

What happens when you sleep with your roommate? Discomfort and drama! Check out the website and for more…

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