Every year I find that I become bolder and bolder in the things I want to partake in. Every new year I get ecstatic with what is to come throughout the new year. This 2014 year in particular I look forward to really getting into some amazing projects and adventures that will require me to really step outside of myself and lose all inhibitions. Over the past year and a half I have done an extensive amount of research, planning, and prepping and FINALLY ,  I am ready for implementation. That is my theme for 2014. IMPLEMENTATION!!!!! I mean, whats the point in talking about it and planning if you dont plan on doing anything with it???? Anywhoo, I have composed an ART COCKTAIL of things that I plan on engaging in this year. I love ART in allllllll forms and I’m tired of fantasizing and daydreaming about these things. 

Here is my ART COCKTAIL of things that I have been working on and finally ready to start on, and other things I have always had a love for but never imagined myself doing due to being too timid. Now don’t get it twisted I am still a work in progress as far as being soically outgoing but with this blog and all of my new adventures I will be embarking on I am on the road to being the most socially confident being ever…



a Docu-series and Dramedy which is slated to begin this summer. I am so excited about this and actually cant wait to start on this project.


I have always had a love for poetry but found myself often times intimidated with writing it. I am going to step out and just write and if I get good enough maybe by the end of the year perform it.

I have talked about writing a book for years. Since this is my year of implementation, I am going to write a book this year.


I never had thoughts of being an actor until recently. I am interested in knowing if with the right training am I capable of being a fairly decent actress. This year I am to take some acting classes to test the waters.


I have a production company I have started with a couple of partners and it includes music as well as films, etc. This year is about getting some music out.


Hopefully this summer, the t-shirt line with some accessories will be available to the public.


I would like to actually learn A hustle (Don’t judge me). No, i dont know a single hustle. I want to also get into working with a choreographer and learning some dance routines.

I sooooo look forward to this year.I am truly stepping outside out and getting into some things I have NEVER even expressed having an interest in.  I have so many things lined up and I just cant wait to share these projects with you as they develop.

I hope all of you have a prosperous and positive 2014! Anything that you have in your mind that you want to do. JUST DO IT!! Stop talking yourself out of it and at least just try.

—-With Love,

                                                                                                                                                                     Mohna Lyssaa

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