Beauty Bar: Love the Skin You’re In


About 3 years ago, my skin began to go through some major changes. I began to get serious breakouts all over my face, partucularly my cheeks and jawline. I couldnt figure out for the life of me what was going on. I for the most part have always had clear soft skin then all of a sudden it started to change, Never really had a skin care regimen and I never wore makeup. About a year ago, I finally got fed up and figured it was time to get down to the bottom of what was causing these breakouts, i missed my skin and I started to wear makeup and foundation just simply doesnt look good on top of bad skin.  I started with doing a process of elimination. I didnt think the face soap had anything to do with it. I mostly use the Noxema Original Formula, Neutrogena Deep Clean, or Clean and Clear so I keep that the same. I began to seek out a new facial moisturizer and after watching upteen Youtube videos decided to try the Clean and Clear dual action moisturizer, Olay All Day Mooisturizer, and Loreal Future E. I was originally using Neutrogena face moisturizer but the AHA in it was making my skin go buzzerk.


The did notice that by switching moisturizers my skin was less oily and i didnt get the painful pimples nearly as much. I also decided to go see a dermatologist because I was beginning to get these white headed bumps on my eyelids that werent going away. Now let me just say, Visiting a dermatologist is good when you have some serious skin issues but be weary of ANY doctor in any field that may just be after your money. It wasn’t until I was at the Dermatologist that it occurred to me that my skin woes may be linked to my diet. I proceeded to ask the Dr. whether or not foods I eat may be having an impact on my skin problems, She began to tell me that there are no scientific correlations between food and acne breakouts and told me I have a skin condition referred to as Syringoma, small harmless sweat duct tumors clustered on eyelids. I didnt feel confident that what she was saying was true.

I mean honestly to me its only common sense that when you put a bunch of junk into your system that it will be reflected on the outside. I concluded that because I am getting older, my body is beginning to react differently to certain things. I cut waaaay back on red meat because it makes me nauseas and I dont digest it very well, and I found this out from doing the Daniel Fast and was amazed by how good and nauseas free I felt. I began to drink more water, eat more fresh fruits and veggies and work extra hard to eliminate the amounts of sugar I was intaking. That is when I discovered I was right and Miss Dermatologist was wrong. I dont need any science to confirm what I already knew to be true.

It can not be stressed enough how drinking water, eating right, and exercising can pay off in a big way. Not only will it benefit your physique, you will have amazing skin and lustrous hair.

So there is no magic product on the market that will give you gorgeous skin. That comes from your healthy eating practices.

Love, Mohna Lyssaa

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