“if you notice every five years music changes and every 10 years the decade previous is completely unrecognizable. Everything is cyclical. Hip Hop is music so its the same thing. Everything changes.” —Pharrell Williams

I find this to be very true. ‘Everything’ goes through a cycle. I believe this holds true for television as well. I ‘m going to be bold and actually predict that the form of programming will be noticeably changing in the next 2-5 years. I am starting to see it and I don’t know if too many others are noticing but the whole reality tv is starting to lose its thrill. People are getting more and more fed up with the cheesiness of the formula from one show to another and just went to think they cant come up with a worse storyline…they come up with a worse storyline. I mean Basketball Wives for whatever reason is still hanging in there but Gossip Game was cancelled and I’m not really surprised. I was disappointed in that show. I wanted to see more of the hustle for each of the woman and how they survive in that industry as women but unfortunately, they fell victim to the formula. And with us getting to a point of creating petitions to block certain shows from airing, I think reality tv is on the brink of a decline in the near future.  A lot of independent companies are starting to pop up and particularly African  Americans wanting to bring a different dynamic to entertainment and show that we are more than throwing drinks and meeting up for lunch to hash out our differences in front of the camera. Some of the production companies that I am particularly feeling right now and currently on the rise are…

Issa Rae Productions


Issa Rae started out with her web series, Mis-adventures of the Awkward Black Girl. Pharrell Williams took notice of her and began featuring her web series on his I am Other channel on Youtube. She then collaborated with Shonda Rhimes creating a comedy series I hate L.A. Dudes.  Currently collaborating with Black&SexyTV on RoomieLoverFriend amongst some other series such as Ratchetpiece Theatre.



I have fallen in love with their programming. They have five series which includes RoomieLoverFriend in collaboration with Issa Rae Productions. Be sure to check out their Youtube channel for That Guy, Hello Cupid, The Couple, and The Number.

Valdean Entertainment is another one that has Lenox Avenue.

More and more people are starting to take notice of web series and more and more aspiring actors are going this route in getting exposure. I am noticing some of these networks stepping into scripted series again and I’m really loving it. MTV is kind of an exception because they have been doing the original series thing for some time now but now you have BET trying to go more that route and succeeding with…

The Game


Let’s Stay Together


And the highly anticipated, Being Mary Jane


I thoroughly enjoyed the movie part of the series that premiered last week. I see a lot of relatable aspects to her character and a separate entry will be addressing this but I really look forward to this show. Its def a good look for BET. Now if they will finally just do away with 106 & Park.  

Now we have Fuse TV that just came out with their own scripted series, The Hustle


I’ll admit while watching the first episode, I rolled my eyes like, “Ugh, another show trying to damn hard.” But after watching the last four episodes since it premiered I actually really like the show. It kind of gives you some insight into the grind artist and record execs go through in the entertainment industry. I look forward to seeing more of this show. There are a lot of celebrity appearances as well. Thus far Chuck Inglish, Keyshia Dior, JadaKiss, Freddie Gibbs, and Red Café to appeared on the show. I think its worth checking out.

Hit the Floor


This series on VH1, I am really digging. Its about the dancers of an NBA basketball team and the drama and treacherous behavior involving all the people associated with the league. Some thing def worth checking out.



And if things go the way I am grinding for them too…..who knows what other series may fill this spot.

I look forward to the coming changes in television. Maybe I’m speaking prematurely. Maybe I’m not. But we shall see…..

With Love,

Mohna Lyssaa

p.s. do you see a change in the cycle of television? Do you think reality programming will soon be on a decline? Comment below. I wanna hear your thoughts.

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