Women in Music: Eve

I have heard a lot of feelings about Eve’s She Bad Bad and today I finally took a listen to it. I don’t think it’s bad at all. I have always liked Eve’s music and I’m glad that she is getting back to it  via her own independent label, From The Rib Music (FTR). She Bad Bad is definitely different but I like different. I admire her and any other artist that steps outside the box. Too many times, people become very critical and want to box you into a particular sound and that’s not good for the artist or the listeners. Why? Because, just like we are experiencing in this present time everybody sounds the same. Music evolves. People evolve. Life happens. I hope she wasn’t expected to have the same sound as from the Ruff Ryder days because that would be….well, ridiculous. I like the new sound. I have not yet picked up the album, Lip Lock but after I do so I may give a more in depth review of the album.

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