Mohna Lyssaa is more so my alias than an alter ego. She’s not a completely different personality….just a new and improved me. I’m not really the center of attention type, I can easily fade into the background. And not really one liking to ruffle feathers , I often times accepted waaaay more than I needed to from others. About a year and a half ago, I experienced something that really left me so broken and damaged to say the least. Now, I am NOT one to wallow in my sorrow and stay in a down and out spirit but for so long. I mean really, at some point steps need to be taken to rebuild yourself and with me it started with learning to love myself again and that meant taking a hard look at myself and some things that had room for improvement. That is where Mohna Lyssaa was born.

She is my confidence within myself that is pushing me to pursue the things I previously wouldn’t have dared to go after. I discovered my passion with her. I am starting to feel like a woman…a STRONG woman again because of her. Mohna Lyssaa is the blogger, business woman, the go getter , not taking no for an answer.

Melissa is the mother, daughter, sister, cousin, family oriented woman, still a strong woman, but a little more private and reserved. Melissa and Mohna Lyssaa  work together and complement one another. One side does not exist without the other. Both are kind, giving, optimistic, ambitious, music enthusiast, and an art lover,  and sometimes it may be hard to distinguish which side of me you have encountered but do know either way it will be a pleasant experience.

With Love,

Mohna Lyssaa


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