Journey to Better Health

Let me start by saying that I am proud of myself! Currently in the process of remodeling ever aspect of my life and my physical health is one of those areas. I recently, what was a big step for me, signed up to run a 5k in about a month and that has really pushed me to do what’s necessary to become the runner I desire to be and get in shape at the same time. I’m proud of me for not just talking about it but actually putting these plans for myself in motion… 
 For years I have struggled with my weight, experiencing bouts of not knowing where or how to start the weight loss process or just simply not able to stay committed. I have in the past year done extensive research to better educate myself to finally make my weight loss a success. Hopefully through a handful of entries, where I intend to shed some light on my journey and things I have learned, will you be able to make stride in your own journey if you too are lost in the sauce on what to do.

What I have learned is…

* 20% fitness/ 80% eating habits

Eating clean is terribly important. The cleaner you east the better. And for those that may not know what clean eating is—its where you eat fresh produce and little to no processed food.  About 2 maybe 3 years ago I wanted to do a cleanse of my system so I chose to do the Daniel Fast and that was the best thing I could have done. For as long as I can recall I have always experienced nausea. Having a weak stomach apparently runs in the family and when doing the fast I found the source of my nausea. The fast requires you to give up meat and sugars, and pastas for 21 days and encourages fruits, veggies, and herbal tea, and water. Well my system doesn’t digest red meat very well and while on the fast I didn’t experience any nausea. Now if I do eat meat its primarily chicken, fish, or turkey.

If your eating habits are not the best—it doesn’t matter how much you workout. there will be little to no progress.

*Experiment to decipher what it is you do and don’t like…and please for the love of God do NOT say you don’t like something if you NEVER even tried it

I have found that I am partial to working out  outdoors. I cant really get down with the gym life too much. I love to walk and run outside. On the other hand I do thoroughly enjoy bikram yoga, kickboxing, and racquetball.

Experiment. Try things to determine what you like? Hiking? Swimming? Yoga? Pilates? Wrestling? Boxing? Cycling? Zumba? Belly dancing? Pole dancing? Workout programs like Hip Hop Abs, Insanity, P90X. Possibilities are endless. You just have to finds what works for you. The goal is to stay active. MOVE.

*Don’t skip meals

I struggled with this one. I’ve never been a breakfast person but as I forced myself to at least eat a yogurt or a piece of fruit, I eventually found myself getting hungry every morning. If you choose to replace a meal with a smoothie that’s cool to just don’t skip altogether.


Drink it. Lots of it. It helps flush your system and if you are physically active you will need it. Lots of it

*Experiment with spices

The goal is to bring out the flavor in your food without using salt. Try a different spice every week or month.

*Don’t know where to start? Ask yourself these questions, HONESTLY….

How often a week do I eat vegetables? -How much water on a daily do I consume? -Sugar intake, what’s that looking like? – how many meals a day are you eating? – what are you eating? – How much sodium are you consuming? -how much processed food do you consume? Are you eating clean? -How physically active are you on a weekly basis?

Hopefully this helps someone at least a little bit and I will I will be posting pictures chronicling my progress.  Happy Journey to Better Health!

With Love,

Mohna Lyssaa

p.s. check out the link on the bottom of for a black girls guide to weight loss. Amazing site. Learned a lot. Check it out.

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