REAL Eyes Realize REAL Lies

Reality TV ya’ll,

I remember when COPS and The Real World were the only sources of reality on the air then all of a sudden once the year 1999-2000 hit so did an explosion of “reality” tv. Now I think….well hope, that by now we all can agree that as much as they like to promote these reality shows, as we know them today, as unscripted and unmanipulated is just simply not true.

I just have some questions….

– how much of it is actually their reality?

– how far did the storylines stray from what was actually pitched to these networks?

-Is this really just another way of branding yourself quickly and if you are depicted in a negative light and that is not exactly who you are in real life how hard is it to change your image?

-I mean really who the hell walks around in 6″ heels every damn day, face fully made up and just oh so fabulous all the time.?

-Does it really put strain on relationships and cause breakups and divorces (i.e. Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey, Deon and Pilar Sanders, Kordell and Porsha Stewart)  

Clearly this is a new form of branding oneself and I had to really ask myself If I were given the opportunity would I do a reality show? Many people that the world has little to no knowledge of are partaking in realty tv to gain vast exposure but after its said and done is it worth it? I am upstarting something that is entertainment related and while contemplating all avenues for exposure, a reality show was one thought. But….how do you make it work without all the added drama? I would want something more career focused than highlighting my “personal” life.

Remember Making The Band? OR How about Dame Dash’s Ultimate Hustler? Those were more so the kind reality shows I enjoyed.  Now while RHOA, Basketball Wives, and  Love and Hip Hop are quite entertaining…..the formula gets kinda old. You know the drink throwing hair pulling, fights and arguments in public places and at sponsored events, lunch and dinner with your enemy afterwards to talk it out—–seriously , if we just got into it —IM NOT MEETING YOU ANYWHERE .

Remember these fellas below: Kesan from G’s to Gents was one of the cast on G’s to Gents and the other guy cant remember his name from College Hill? Well, I remember seeing him on Pimp MY Ride. So, seriously, if nothing else just watch for entertainment and not an actual insight into their actual personal lives.

kesan     collegehill

When I saw the previews for The Gossip Game I was intrigued about learning more on the women in the entertainment journalism game but after watching the first episode I was kinda disappointed. They didn’t waste no time on just the first episode getting knee deep into “the formula.” So as much as I wanted to see more about their individual hustles I don’t think that’s going to too much happen. Once again the drama will get in the way of that. 

What are some of your reality show Favs? And if given the opportunity to partake in a reality show would you? Why or Why not?

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